HHERA Committee

HHERA Committee 2019/20
  • Sally Clarkson, Ashbourne Road (Secretary)
  • Valerie Giles, Marryatt Court, Green Vale
  • Robert Gurd, Beaufort Road
  • Khalid Jerjes, Chatsworth Road
  • Anthony Lewis, Boileau Road
  • Margaret Martin, Gilbert Court, Green Vale
  • Simon Reed, Beaufort Road (Vice-chairman)
  • Geoffrey Sumner, Thackeray Court, Green Vale
  • The Hon H Suri (Pitu)
  • Raj Thukral, Corringway (Treasurer-elect)
  • Inder Uppal, Beaufort Road
  • Tarun Wasan, Corringway (Chairman)
  • Valerie Penberthy (Cornell Crescent)

Note: the officers were elected at the first Committee meeting of the 2019/20 year in June.